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The $500 Cory Edward Gaudet Memorial Scholarship winners from Cory’s Crusader’s 1st Annual 5K Road Race – A big thank you to Emilie Carroll and Jack Quitzau for participating in our Event as well as a big Congratulations to them both!  Emilie and Jack are both sophomores at Blackstone Millville Regional High School

Cory’s 1st Annual 5K Road Race & Relay Walk Update!

We are so pleased to announce that our 1st Annual 5K Road Race & Relay Walk was a huge success.  After adding the proceeds from this weekends 5K event to the funds received prior which include registrations, random donations and team fundraising we have raised $44,000.  In addition to this we received over $10,000 in donated items & services totaling $54,000 for our event.  We gave away 2 $500 scholarships at our event to one boy and to one girl  in grade 9-12 who registered & completed the 5K road race and the winners were Emillie Carroll and Jack Quitzau both students at BMR.  Our 3 top women overall winning cash prizes were 1st Alex-Finn Atkins, 2nd Lori Cunningham and 3rd Lauren Deguire.  Women’s 18 & under were 1st Lauren Deguire, 2nd Avery DeRagon and 3rd Emille Carroll.  Women’s 19 – 29 Were 1st Alex-Finn Atkins, 2nd Alicia Pickering and 3rd Jill Wasnewski.  Women’s 30 and over were 1st Karen Quitzau, 2nd Lisa Miracle & 3rd Kathy Tata.  Men’s overall winning cash prizes were 1st Christopher Tringal, 2nd Zachary Taylor and 3rd Zachary Morin.  Men’s 18 and under were the same as the overall winners list.  Men’s 19 -29 were 1st Tyler Dilibro, 2nd Thomas Cambell and 3rd Jake Hereth.  Men’s 30 and over were 1st Timothy Johnson, 2nd Timothy Mandeville and 3rd Dennis Berard.  The complete list of race results can be found on the Cool Running website.  Team Fundraising Awards were as follows:  1st place Angels Among Us with co captains Denice Lubash & Mary Desrochers raising $3,000, 2nd place Got Your Bak with captain Tracy Bak raising $2,444 and 3rd place Cancer Crushers with co captains Lisa & Jayde Gaudet raising $1,525  Individual Fundraising Awards are as follows:  1st  place Debra Kieon from team Eddie’s Bagel Bunch $1,280, 2nd  place Tracy Bak from team Got Your Bak $1,236  and 3rd place Crystalle Gaudet from team Running Over Cancer $947.  I would like to make an honorable mention to Tanya Scott captain of Team Depot #2651 although slow to the finish they raised $2,122.   We Would like to say a special thank you to all of our teams who have done such an amazing job fundraising and promoting our event, they have raised $27,000. Included in that there was a $5,000 anonymous donation made to the team total, which we would like to say thank you for.  We would also like to send a special thank you out to all of our business sponsors as well as the business’s and individuals who donated their time, product and services.  A big giant thank you to all of the volunteers that made the day something to remember!  We are looking for forward to next year!

Below is a link to “some” of the many photos taken of the days events


5K Team Fundraising Update


Blackstone Millville Regional High School

Blackstone Millville Regional High School

  5K TEAM UPDATE: Angels Among Us (co captains Denice Lubash & Mary Faladeau) has raised $710 with it’s leading fundraiser 10 yr old Eliana Jagiello raising $465, 3 of their team members have already reached $100 -Awesome Job! Running Over Cancer has raised $520 by team captain Crystalle Gaudet 🙂 Got Your Bak has raised $295 by team captain Tracy Bak ♥ Soulful Seven one of our newest teams has already raised $240 Captain Alicia Pickering has raised $140 but she also has another team member that has hit $100 -Keep Up the Great Work! We have another new team Hope Ahead (Captain Donna Polk) They have raised $217 with one of her team members hitting $152 already, way to go Jay! Team Dute’s captain Melissa Dutremble has raised $136, Brave Hereos (Captain Lindsey Graver) has raised $70. For Tomorrow (captain Alexandra Dutremble) has raised $65 and The Nuts (Captain Tiffany Perreault) has raised $45! Other Teams that have signed up are the following! Eddie’s Bagel Bunch – captain Debra Kieon, Footsteps for a Cure – captain Terri-Lynn Hart, One Step at a Time – captain Joyce Bourgeois, Cory’s Cancer Crushers – captain Roxanne Ladouceur, Team Cory – captain Cynthia Crozier, Team Superman – captain Wendy Locke, Team 🙂 captain Angie Iacovone, John Franceschi, Denise Gray, Melanie Dumont and Dennis Berard have started forming teams but do not have a team name as of yet.
To pre register click on the events tab, then follow instructions provided.   If you wish to donate on behalf of one of the above teams please click on the donate tab and follow prompts, be sure to list the team and team member you are donating on behalf of in the “special instructions to sell”

The impact we make together is far greater than what any of us could do on our own. Thank you for helping us help others.


The People Have Spoken!

T Shirt DesignToday while at BMR  for the craft fair, we held a vote to choose the t-shirt design to be used for our 1st Annual 5K Road Race & Relay Walk that will take place on May 5th.   We had 6 design’s present and all received votes, there were 140 votes placed and 93 votes went to this winning design.  All that took the time to stop and talk with us and voted were entered into a raffle.  3 winners were chosen during our board meeting following the craft fair.  1st prize was a Cory’s Crusader hat and it went to Sam Houle, 2nd prize was a Cory’s Crusaders Sweatshirt and went to Sarah Alves and the 3rd prize was a Cory’s Crusaders t-shirt and that went to “the original or first” Robin Gautreau!  We thank you all for helping us decide on the t-shirt design that will represent our first event! 

24th Annual Family Craft Fair At BMR Sunday 3/3 10 -3

our tableWe are excited to announce that we are about to attend our first public appearance representing Cory’s Crusaders, Inc.  Come visit us and some of our board members this Sunday March 3rd at the Blackstone Millville Regional High School.  We will be there for you to ask questions and we will provide further information about our organization as well as our up coming event.  We will be giving away a free sweatshirt (as long as supplies last) to anyone that come downs and  registers during the craft fair as a team captain of a team of either runners, walkers or a combination of both totalling ten.   Also anyone registering under that team captain during the craft fair will receive a free t shirt as long as supplies last. We look forward to seeing you.

5K Road Race & Relay Walk Update

We have 106 people who have already registered and  14 fundraising teams have been formed. Have you registered yet? It’s easy just click on the Events tab and follow prompts.  If you would like to donate on behalf of a team listed below just click on the donate tab and follow instructions – be sure to click on the “special instructions to seller” and list the team name & individual you are donating on behalf of! Thank you for helping us help others.

Top 3 Fund Raising Teams  1. Angels Among Us $710   2. Running Over Cancer  $520    3. Team Dute $136

Angels Among Us – Co Captains Denice Lubash & Mary Desrochers with $710 raised and 18 team members,  Brave Hereos -Captain Lindsey Graver with $70 raised and 7 team members,  Eddie’s Bagel Bunch – Captain Debra Kieon with $20 raised and 5 team members,  For Tomorrow – Captain Alexandra Dutremble with $45 raised and 5 team members,  Got Your Bak – Captain Tracy Bak with $ 20 raised and 7 team members,  Hope Ahead – Captain Donna Polk with $117 raised and 3 team members,  John Franceschi with 3 team members,  Running Over Cancer – Captain Crystalle Gaudet with $520 raised and 8 team members,  Soulful Seven – Captain Alicia Pickering with $90 raised and 3 team members,  Team 🙂 – Captain Angie Iacovone with 2 team members,  Team Cory – Captain Cynthia Crozier with 1 team member,  Team Dute – Captain Melissa Dutremble with $136 raised and 13 team members,  Team Superman – Captain Wendy Locke with 3 team members and The Nuts – Captain Tiffany Perreault with $20 raised and 10 team members

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