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Cory’s Crusaders, Inc is a 501(c)(3) public charity. It was formed on January 17, 2013 by Teresa & Jim Gaudet after the loss of our son Cory to DIPG, an aggressive and terminal brain tumor. Our goal is to carry on with the Cory Edward Gaudet Care Fund as it was intended.  This fund was originally created to assist our family with our financial needs throughout Cory’s battle. We are paying it forward by helping other families like our community, family and friends did for us when we were in need. We started our organization for the purpose of carrying on in the spirit in which the fund originated, to help & assist families with children battling brain tumors with whatever there needs are at the time. In addition, our hopes are to advance Brain Tumor/Cancer Awareness as well as research. It is with great pride that our son Nicholas of Nicholas Gaudet Illustration and Design also plays a key roll in our organization. He is our website and graphic designer and it is with his amazing talent and creative skills that we are able to get our message out to so many.

dolphin kiss vacation cancer trip Funds generated are used to assist the parents of children battling Brain Tumors. Examples of assistance we provide cover a wide range from assistance with medical bills to even help make a child’s dream come true with a special gift or trip.  As parents of a child who have dealt with the daily financial challenges that go along with Fighting Cancer, help is needed in many areas and we help the families with those day to day expenses as well.  Gas to get to and from appointments, parking and tolls etc.  A family may need help with insurance payments, utilities, food or mortgage payments.  We provide families with what they feel their greatest need is at the time.  Funds generated also support the Cory Edward Gaudet Memorial Scholarship Fund in Memory of our son Cory.  A portion of funds are donated specifically to pediatric brain tumor research with the hopes of some day finding a cure.



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